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martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010


Lüneburg is a very nice City in the north of Germany, it has rivers over where and beautiful bridges. Everything was in withe because the snow. I did not can to see much bikes in the street, maybe because the hour and date (24th december at night and 25th at morning), but it looks like there are of course people enjoying the bicycles, at lees that show in the Lüneburg Hauptbahnhof (central station).

domingo, 26 de diciembre de 2010


It was very good to see as well as I´d been arrived to the central this posters. Can be a better welcome?

If in Dresden are not to much people driving a bike, in Prague are still less.

In the middle time, when I was drinking one of the more famous beer of Prague and made my plan to visit the city...

I found this bicycles in the restaurant:

In the Place of Wenceslao:

And in other places of Down Town I found bikes messengers service

jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010

Bicycles in Dresden

There´s not a lot of people with the bike in Dresden, perhaps because the snow, but anyway, there are always cyclist....

And in the station...

That´s Bogi, from Budapest, Hungar. It´s uncredible how many back packs and suitcases she gets, but not only that, as you can see, she comes with her bicycle.

It´s funny, but Bogi was in the same train as I, so we made the trip together. I leaved the train in Prag and she goes until Budapest. Thanks for your nice company Bogi.

domingo, 19 de diciembre de 2010

Daily bike. Chapter 2. The Christian´s lamp.

In Berlin are a lot of markets of antiques stuffs in the street. I came with my friend Christian to theses markets to looking for a old lamp, and he got it!

Daily bike Chapter 2 from Eduardo G. Silva on Vimeo.

Daily bike. Chapter 1. Carolin, her bike & Glühwein

This is my daily bike in Berlin. This time i knew a very nice girl, her name is Carolin and comes from Munich (München). I posted already about her and her bicycle. Now we were in the Weinachtsmarkt in Alexanderplatz, we drink the famous Glühwein and road just a little.

Daily bike Chapter 1 from Eduardo G. Silva on Vimeo.

Snow attacks bicycles

This pictures can not be easy watched for bikes lovers. All bicycles surviven the snow.

And, where´s the man and his bike?

miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

La Bici de Carolin. Carolin´s Fahrrad

Caminando este martes por el Mercado de Navidad de la Alexander Platz, me encontré con una bici muy peculiar, tiene la forma y dimensiones de una bici plegable pero también llantas y diseño de bici de ciudad y es naranja cuando la gran mayoría de las bicis en Berlin son negras; su dueña: Carolin, de Münich, que me platicó que estaba contenta de tener su bici porque la llave se había roto dentro del candado de la cadena y tuvo que pedir ayuda a la policía para que vinieran a romper el candado y ella se la pudiera llevar a casa; además, mientras acariciaba su bici y sonreía, me dijo "ich liebe mein Fahrrad" -amo a mi bici-. Es bueno encontrar gente así. Saludos Carolin y gracias por todo.

Als ich am Dienstag in Weihnachtsmarkt von Alexander Platz gehe, habe ich mir mit einem sehr schönen und einziger Fahrrad getroffen, es hat die Forme eines klappbares Fahrrad, aber auch das Desing und Räder eines City Bike und während normalerweise die Mehrheit dem Fahräder in Berlin schwarz sind dieses ist orange; die Besitzerin: Carolin, aus München. Sie hat mir erzählt das sie freue sich dass sie ihres Fahrrad noch hat, weil der Schlüssel da drinnen kaputt war, in die Kette, also, sie musstete die Polizei bitten um sie zu helfen, so der Polizist hat die Kette gebrochen und sie konntet endlich ihres Fahrrad mitnehmen wieder; auserdem, während sie schreichelt ihres Fahrrad hat mir gesagt: "Ich liebe mein Fahrrad". Es ist schön Leute so kennen zu lernen. Danke schön für alles Carolin und Grüsse!